Our Team

The Cambridge English Academy Team.

Here at CEA India we take pride in ensuring that in all departments, from housekeeping to Management, trainers to peons every one is united in the common cause of making your stay with us successful and enjoyable.

The whole team is carefully selected on the basis of their skill set, and these skills are passed on to you.

Of course our teaching staff play an enormously important role in building, establishing and sustaining our top ranking reputation for first class education.

Our Trainers

Our selection process for trainers is stringent, beginning with a formal interview, which, if satisfactory leads to an invitation to prpare a demonstration class.
The demo session is held with existing, experienced students and staff members.
We take feedback and if everything is deemed good enough the candidate begins a trial period of teaching.

In addition; all our trainers are suitably qualified, to Masters level or above, in the desired domain to be taught.

Before beginning with Cambridge English Academy they must have a minimum of two years teaching experience, and on certain courses, such as TEFL, IELTS, OET etc. two to three years hands on knowledge of the exam etc.

Consequently, for whichever course you decide to join at Cambridge English Academy you can be confident that the trainer will be an expert in his or her sphere.

Cambridge English Academy for the best Language trainers in East Delhi.

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