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European Union (E.U.) Overview.

Before getting down to study abroad details it’s worth remembering that The U.K. which includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is no longer a member of the E.U.

Therefore certain information related to studying in Europe is not applicable to The U.K.

See our separate U.K. study abroad section for more information.


Europe has long been a classic destination for study abroad students. From studying French in Paris to business in Germany, Europe is home to several of the world’s most popular and best study abroad countries.

Although some nations, like Switzerland and Norway, aren’t exactly student budget friendly, countries like Germany, Malta, Spain, and Portugal are surprisingly inexpensive, furthermore, with all the student discounts offered throughout the E.U. Studying in Europe is a very appealing opportunity.

No matter what your major, budget, or study abroad goal is, you’re sure to find a program that suits you in the diversity of Europe.

Obviously, there’s no national language that covers the whole of Europe, however, English is commonly spoken everywhere and is the Language majorly used in higher education, therefore University acceptance and visa require IELTS Academic.

For more information on this contact CEA the Best Study Abroad Consultants in East Delhi.

Popular Study Abroad Countries

With over 40 Countries In Europe, It can be hard to decide where to go as each country has something special to offer, and we at CEA India take the strain out of your search for the most suitable higher study options.

There are endless educational options and a wealth of courses available, so here at CEA India study abroad consultancy and visa service we can provide you with a clear tailor made programme based on your individual requirements.

Europe covers a vast area with an array of cultures and educational options, there are numerous amazing places to visit in your free time and outstanding career opportunities as well.

To give you a few ideas for the perfect European study abroad destination, here are five of the most popular countries to consider:

France, Southern Ireland, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

However, some of the more overlooked European study abroad destinations are offering fantastic opportunities If you want to expand your options.

You could also consider:

Sweden: which has affordable full degree programs.

Malta: whose one university (the University of Malta) conducts courses in English.

The Netherlands: which also has a few English language university options. Portugal: Largely overlooked despite being budget friendly.

Czech Republic: another budget friendly option with a unique culture.

Let CEA India help in PLANNING YOUR TRIP, speak with our counselling service for a comprehensive list of destinations.


Whether you opt for university residences, private accommodation, or homestays, you should choose a program where your living situation is ultimately comfortable for you.

To get a real feel for the university life we suggest you choose a study abroad program where you can stay in a campus dormitory or university flat, however you may find some of the other options more appropriate.

Living In Europe:

It’s impossible to generalise but Europe is considered one the best regions in the world for living. Here you find security, opportunities and an excellent quality of life.

The people are friendly, patient, good tempered and open minded thanks to their multicultural background.

Overall Europe is a very safe place to study overseas. Violent crime is nearly unheard of in rural areas, and the cities are well policed by helpful and vigilant officers.

In the unlikely event that you should need medical treatment, rest assured that there are well equipped and modern hospitals. Keep in mind that your foreign medical insurance may not be accepted and you might have to pay costs up front. However, many study abroad programs offer medical insurance.

Studying And Working In Europe:


The quality of education in Europe is internationally recognized as one of the best in the world and offers a diverse range of study options for international students,

CEA offers a large range of courses in the top European Universities, so our students can obtain their desired qualification.

Working while studying.

There are a number of reasons you might want to undertake part time work while studying in Europe, including assisting with living expenses and gaining work experience in your study area.

The regulations vary from country to country but CEA will be happy to inform you of the relevant details.

CEA India is here to Help You.

We have been providing an educational consultancy for international students since 2003 for those who have the dream of living and studying in Europe.

CEA facilitates your transition from life in India to life and studying abroad by offering high quality service in relation to Universities, courses, information about accommodation, visas and recreation in Europe.

We provide education advice, consultation, and guidance for all current and prospective international students in finding the right future path for each individual right through to career advice and student mentoring.

Here at CEA India we will tell you about your options for studying and living in Europe and assist with your visa and institution applications. We have many years of experience with the E.U. educational market and we can share our experiences with you.

In addition, because we are dealing every day with University applications and visa requirements we will be able to give you tailor-made guidance for your particular situation and help you find the right option for your needs and budget.

For further information on Study Abroad in Europe or any aspect of CEA’s extensive range of English Language Proficiency training contact our office and speak with one of our expert counsellors.

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