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The U.K. Overview.

The United Kingdom (U.K.) refers to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, each with individual cultures and scenery.

Although there’s a lot of differences in The U.K. all regions provide excellent Educational facilities, which, along with the comfortable way of life, friendly population and close proximity to mainland Europe make it a highly sought after destination for students.

Studying in the U.K. is a great introduction for students embarking on their first international experience.

Popular University Cities.

The U.K. has no shortage of reputable and high quality colleges and universities.

From vibrant multicultural London to the historic Cardiff and stylish Edinburgh, the U.K.s diversity offers a suitable fit for every type of student.


The country’s capital and most famous city, London is a clear pick for the thousands of students who choose London each year for study abroad.

The city’s landmarks include; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower of London, among countless others.




Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, its Universities and social scene are known to rival those of London.

Wales has become increasingly popular in recent years as a destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful countryside and coastal areas.




The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has built a reputation for top quality higher study options as well as for being one of the most stylish and elegant cities in the whole of The U.K.

With fantastic scenery, amazing nightlife and fascinating history and affordability Edinburgh has become the University city of choice, not only for international students but also for U.K. residents.


Cambridge And Oxford.

These cities have become synonymous with quality education, and for a taste of England’s exclusive educational system. Entry requirements are extremely high, however, a large number of international candidates make the grade each year.

Both Cambridge And Oxford are steeped in history and have great student-oriented facilities.

Let CEA India help in PLANNING YOUR TRIP, speak with our counselling service for a comprehensive list of destinations.

There are endless educational options and a wealth of courses available, so here at CEA India study abroad consultancy and visa service we can provide you with a clear tailor made programme based on your individual requirements. Obviously the national language is English, therefore University acceptance and visa require IELTS Academic. or more information on this contact CEA the Best Study Abroad Consultants in East Delhi.


As England attracts international students from around the world, a great option for cultural integration is in university Halls of residence. These are available throughout The U.K.’s many Universities, they offer affordable, safe and well maintained accommodation for new students.

Other programs such as Panrimo organise shared apartments for students in London. IFSA’s program in Cardiff gives students the option of living in a dormitory or securing their housing independently.

If you want to arrange your accommodation yourself, BeRoomers and UniPlaces are two websites who list student housing in various parts of The U.K.

Health and Safety.

Overall The U.K. is a very safe place to study overseas. Violent crime is nearly unheard of in rural areas, and the cities are well policed by helpful and vigilant officers.

In the unlikely event that you should need medical treatment, rest assured that there are well equipped and modern hospitals. Keep in mind that your foreign medical insurance may not be accepted and you might have to pay costs up front. However, many study abroad programs offer medical insurance.

Living In The U.K :

It is considered one the best countries in the world for living. Here you find security, opportunities and an excellent quality of life.

The people are friendly, patient, good tempered and open minded thanks to their multicultural background.

Work and Study In The U.K.

As the political situation in The U.K has undergone some radical reshuffling recently (2022) it is advisable to take expert advice from CEA’s study abroad visa team.

Usually, you are allowed to work while you are studying if you are in the UK on a Tier 4 (General) or student visa. You are advised to check the passport stamp/sticker on your entry clearance/ residence permit

  • If it says “Work(and any changes) must be authorised” or “Able to work as authorised by the secretary of State”, you are allowed to work alongside your studies.
  • If your programme is degree-level or above, i.e. Bachelor’s or Master’s or research degree, you are permitted to work a minimum of 20 hours per week during the term-time.
  • If your programme is below degree-level, e.g. Diploma or certificate course, you are permitted to work a maximum of 10 hours every week during term-time.

However, you are permitted to work full-time during holidays. Students should note that ‘term-time’ is your actual classroom period including lectures, preparation for examination or doing course work. Holidays are usually around Christmas and Easter and vacations after completion of examinations.

CEA India is here to Help You.

We have been providing an educational consultancy for international students since 2003 for those who have the dream of living and studying in The U.K.

CEA facilitates your transition from life in India to life and studying abroad by offering high quality service in relation to Universities, courses,information about accommodation, visas and recreation in The U.K.

e provide education advice, consultation, and guidance for all current and prospective international students in finding the right future path for each individual right through to career advice and student mentoring.

Here at CEA India we will tell you about your options for studying and living in The U.K. and assist with your visa and institution applications. We have many years of experience with the Australian educational market and we can share our experiences with you.

In addition, because we are dealing every day with University applications and visa requirements we will be able to give you tailor-made guidance for your particular situation and help you find the right option for your needs and budget.

For further information on Best Study Abroad in UK or any aspect of CEA’s extensive range of English Language Proficiency training contact our office and speak with one of our expert counsellors.

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